signal processing

Validation of Ultrasound NDE Simulation Models

Supporting regulatory guides for the nuclear power plant industry in relation to using ultrasound computational models for non-destructive inspection.

Machine Learning and Statistical Signal Processing for Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring

Building statistical methods to assess damage detection reliability and machine learning models for damage detection

Design and performance of optimal detectors for guided wave structural health monitoring

Ultrasonic guided wave measurements in structural health monitoring systems are affected over a long term by measurement noise, environmental conditions, transducer aging, and malfunction. This results in measurement variability which affects …

Guided Wave Structural Health Monitoring for Impact Damage Detection and Characterization

Laminated composite structures are susceptible to impact damage mechanisms such as disbonds and delaminations that significantly weaken the structure. Due to the unpredictable and sudden nature of impacts, traditional scheduled maintenances might …

Feasibility of PZT ceramics for impact damage detection in composite structures

Fiber reinforced plastic composites are becoming widely used in vehicles and airframe structures due to their high strength to weight ratio. However unlike metals, the multilayered composite structures are more susceptible to damage mechanisms such …

Multitechnique monitoring of fatigue damage in adhesively bonded composite lap-joints

The requirement for reduced structural weight has driven the development of adhesively bonded joints. However, a major issue preventing their full acceptance is the initiation of premature failure in the form of a disbond between adherends, mainly …

Giant Magnetoresistance Sensors for Aircraft Inspection

Building sensor systems for reliable detection of fatigue cracks in multilayered aircraft fuselage.

Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms in Structural Integrity Monitoring

Damage detection using Lead-Zirconate-Titanate (PZT) transducers for exciting guided waves was investigated. The analytical model for guided wave excitation using PZT transducers was used in a Finite Element Model for simulating guided waves in a …

Novel Mode Decomposition Algorithms for Lamb Wave Signal Analysis in Online Monitoring of Structures

Guided wave (GW) inspection systems offer the capability for online health monitoring of structures and hence the potential for transitioning from schedule-based maintenance to conditioned-based maintenance of nuclear plants. However, a major problem …

Eddy Current Inspection Autoanalysis of Steam Generator Tubes in Nuclear Power Plants

Building signal processing and machine learning pipelines for defect detection and classification within steam generator tubes.