Image processing algorithms for automated analysis of GMR data from inspection of multilayer structures


Eddy current probes (EC) with Giant Magnetoresistive (GMR) sensors have recently emerged as a promising tool for rapid scanning of multilayer aircraft panels that helps detect cracks under fastener heads. However, analysis of GMR data is challenging due to the complexity of sensed magnetic fields. Further, probes that induce unidirectional currents are insensitive to cracks parallel to the current flow. In this paper, signal processing algorithms are developed for mixing data from two orthogonal EC-GMR scans in order to generate pseudo-rotating electromagnetic field images of fasteners with bottom layer cracks. Finite element simulations demonstrate that the normal component of numerically computed rotating field has uniform sensitivity to cracks emanating in all radial directions. The concept of pseudo-rotating field imaging is experimentally validated with the help of MAUS bilateral GMR array (Big-MR) designed by Boeing.

2014 Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation